Are you trying to find a way to make [tag]baseball practice[/tag] more fun for your youth teams?   Here are two [tag]youth baseball coaching tips[/tag] that have livened up practices for us and the payoff has been terrific.Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

I started having the boys run the bases at the end of each practice and timed them to monitor their progress.   It seems like a very small thing, but the boys always looked forward to trying to beat their previous time, and they improved a lot over the course of the season.   I’m convinced that this was responsible for turning many would-be singles into doubles, and doubles into triples, and even a couple of ITP homers.   It’s certainly not a revolutionary idea, but has been very effective with our younger players and a great way to close out a [tag]baseball[/tag] practice.

We   also do a “base race” where we split into two teams as fairly as possible and have one group start at 2b, the other at home, and then have them run a relay around the base path. It takes a few times to get the teams selected so as to keep it close, but once we got it right the race outcomes were pretty even.