Take a look at this submission from Jewell,a [tag]tee ball coach[/tag].   These are excellent [tag]youth baseball coaching tips[/tag] that you can use to get your tee ball team off to a great start.Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

From Jewell
Tee Ball Ages 4-5: Kids brand new to tee ball – who have never played and don’t have older siblings they watched play [tag]baseball[/tag]   – don’t know the concept of the baseball field and/or bases.

To illustrate this, you can use poster board and a marker and draw a [tag]baseball diamond[/tag]…and further illustrate home base (with a drawing of a house AND/or the tee, ball, bat, etc.).

Draw and label first base with “1.”
Draw and label second base with “2.”
Draw and label third base with “3.”

* Most 4-5 year-olds know their basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, DIAMOND, rectangle, oval, star, and heart).   Likewise most 4-5 year-olds know how to count and recognize the numbers 1-10.

After making the drawing and explaining it, you can physically walk the team around the field and show them each base.   You may also want to bring cones or some type of visual item labeled with a “1,” “2,” and “3” (even an old small doll house for home base) to assist visual learners.