Here is a [tag]youth baseball drill[/tag] that Ken sent in to help with [tag]bunting[/tag] skills. This helps them master the skill and brings in some fun competition at the end.   Keep ’em coming!Youth Baseball Drill

I learned this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from a friend.   The boys were swatting at the ball and could not get the concept of catching the ball with the bat.

I cut the bottom off of a plastic clothing detergent bottle and screwed it to the sweet spot of a wood bat.   I then told the kids to catch a tennis ball inside of the “bucket”.   Though it is impossible to actually catch the ball in the “bucket” (it bounces out) the boys began to consistently have the ball hit in the “bucket” while trying to catch it.

I coupled this with a bunting competition at the end of [tag]practice[/tag].   I had lanes set up to the left and right with good [tag]bunts[/tag], in the lanes, being worth a point and bunts to the pitcher (every teams all star) minus a point.

The winner of the contest gets a pack of baseball cards.   More than half of my team are now great [tag]bunters[/tag].   At this level teams that can [tag]bunt[/tag] well are well ahead of the game.   My goal was to have the best bunting team in the league.   If we are not, we are toward the top.   I hope these are new for you (I doubt it) and they help everyone out.   Thanks for the opportunity to share.