The point of these [tag]youth baseball drills[/tag] is to develop soft hands and quick under hand soft throws as though the team member tossing the [tag]baseball[/tag] was a shortstop making a short close toss to the second baseman to speed up the exchange at second base for a double play opportunity.

I call this [tag]baseball drill[/tag]–Hot Potato:

The whole team stands in a circle about 15 ft. in diameter around the pitcher’s mound.
Using their bare glove hand, each team member must under hand toss the ball to a random team member in the circle.
The team member catching the ball must catch with their bare glove hand and throw to another random team member in the circle.
If a team member drops the ball or makes a bad throw, they are out of the circle.   The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] is the referee in all cases.

While the team members are tossing the baseball to and from each other.   The coach is chanting “faster, faster”.     The last team member in the circle gets a free gift card for an ice cream cone!