I have some very basic [tag]youth baseball drills[/tag] that I do with my young players.   Nothing revolutionary from a performance standpoint, but these [tag]baseball drills[/tag] get he kids involved.

One of my favorites is a rotation drill.   Play 2B, SS and 3B and put 3 or 4 kids in right field.   If you have a full [tag]baseball[/tag] team you can field both corner outfield spots.

Hit the ball to RF and have the kids work the relay cut off to 2B to 3B.     The player who fields the ball in the outfield follows in to play 2B and works his way through SS, 3B, and back to RF with each subsequent hit.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] reinforces the play, keeps them involved, and lets them see it from start to finish.   If you are playing both outfield spots you can switch the balls hit from RF to LF and still have the kids rotate into 2B.