Here are two [tag]youth baseball fielding drills[/tag] that are favorites.   The focus of both drills is meant to help outfielders practice getting rid of the ball quicker.

You will need a stopwatch for the first drill and four cones.
Set the four cones in a square shape about 15 feet apart.   Put the outfielder in the middle of the four cones.
Place a fielder about 20 to 40 yards away from the cones (depending on age level you’re coaching).
The coach throws a “fly ball” to the outfielder (it needs to be accurately done to land within the artificial square).

Start the stopwatch when the [tag]baseball[/tag] hits the glove of the outfielder.   Stop the time when the ball hits the glove of the cut-off man.   Outfielders will enjoy trying to beat their own time as well as those of others.

You can coach curl hop, catching position, off-hand position, etc….

Another [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that is good for outfield is this one for fielding ground balls.

Have your players charge all ground balls at full speed until about 15 feet from the ball, then slow charge so that they will have full control of their body and can release the ball in 1 ½ steps.

They need to keep their seat down when fielding ground balls. Keep their glove close to the ground. It is easier to bring the glove up than to get it down.   Play all ground balls in front of the body and make sure the ball does not get past you.