Here are ideas for [tag]youth baseball fun drills[/tag] to use at your first practice. It teaches younger kids the proper way to run the bases.

You will need an empty 5-gallon bucket (either an old paint bucket or an orange bucket purchased at Home Depot) and enough [tag]baseball[/tag]s (or tennis balls) for each player to have one.   Set the bucket beyond first base, on the outside of the foul line near the grass.   Line up the kids at home plate with ball in hand.

In order for the [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to work and make it fun for them, they must:
(1) Run hard to first (no hesitation as you approach the bag);
(2) Step on the bag; and
(3) continue running until they get next to the bucket to drop the ball in it.
CAREFUL: They can’t throw the ball at the bucket, they must “drop it” at the bucket.

The purpose of this [tag]baserunning drill[/tag] is for them to understand that they should run hard to first, step on the bag and continue running past the base and into the foul territory.