It can be difficult coming up with fresh ideas when coaching [tag]youth baseball[/tag].   Try these [tag]youth baseball fun drills[/tag] with your teams.   These are fast paced, effective and they will become team favorites.

Quickness drill
This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] start off with 3rd baseman & 1st baseman. Hit a grounder to 3rd who throws to 1st, 3rd then moves to short. Grounder hit there & throws to 1st, move 2nd grounder, hit & thrown to 1st, move to 1st & original 1st baseman moves to end of line and original 3rd base moves to 1st.   The kids enjoy this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill because it moves quickly.

Player stands in front of the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] with eyes closed. Coach then calls out left or right and then throws a pop fly just out of player’s reach or “with lots of hustle” barely within players reach. Player then opens his eyes and runs to the baseball””with mitt tucked until he reaches or almost reaches the ball. This seems to develop hand-eye coordination again as well as teaches player to run with mitt tucked until getting to the ball.

Wobble balls””
These are rubber balls that are NOT round. I like to throw ground balls to my players using these. They never know where the ball is going to bounce and it forces them to stay in a good athletic position on the balls of their feet. It also forces them to watch the ground ball entirely into their mitt.