Try these [tag]youth baseball hitting aids[/tag] with your players.   Use soccer balls and basketballs for your [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag].   This teaches them to drive through the ball and improve their hitting skills.
Youth Baseball Hitting Aids
Have them do soft toss (not into a net) with soccer balls for ages 10-12 or basketballs for 13 and over.

You begin with 8 balls.
Start at one end of field area with a batter.
The others are at the other end to gather the balls after being hit.   Once he hits the 8 balls, he stays there to help collect the next balls hit and you move to other end and the batter there hits from there.

Teach them to swing through the ball with proper form to get power. You’ll see immediate results with your [tag]baseball[/tag] players.