I received this suggestion for [tag]youth baseball hitting drills[/tag] from Michelle.   If you’re coaching a [tag]youth baseball team[/tag], I’m sure you can use this one to help build confidence in all your players.Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

From Michelle”¦
This is a [tag]baseball batting drill[/tag] I used with a player who is very good at fielding and catching but was afraid of staying in the batters box for fear of getting hit.

I had him stand in the batters box with his glove on and in batting position.   When the [tag]baseball[/tag] was pitched I had him start his batting motion and then catch the ball as it crossed the plate.   Since he was very confident catching the ball no matter if it was high, low, inside or outside, it helped him realize that he could, in fact, determine where the ball was crossing the plate and would be able to get out of the way of a pitch if he needed to.

He now has a lot more confidence in the batters box because now he thinks of “catching” the ball with his bat and he has been much better at determining balls and strikes.   This drill has also been very helpful for teaching bunting.