I was at practice last night used these [tag]youth baseball hitting drills[/tag] that were sent to me by two of my subscribers. Keep ’em coming!Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

From TJ”¦
The towel drill (hitting)

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is used to help keep a hitter from uppercutting and force him to take a shorter, more compact swing.

Place a towel under the batter’s front elbow and have him take swing against live pitching. If he swings correctly, the towel will not fall to the ground because the elbow will pull down, forcing the hands down and making them quicker through the strike zone. If the batter uppercuts, the front elbow will fly upward and the towel will fall. This [tag]baseball[/tag] drill can be used in all types of batting practice.

Don’t use this drill too much because it shortens the arc of the swing out in front where you want extension. Use this primarily for hitter who chicken wings the lead arm.

From Tom”¦
Here is a good drill for hitters to get the feel for a proper swing motion.   Simple yet very effective for young players especially.   Frisbee throw.   Yes, that’s it.   Just have them throw a frisbee – correctly of course – with their lead hand (left for right handed hitters) and (right for left handed hitters).