Two of my readers, Alford and Robert, actually suggested these ideas for [tag]youth baseball hitting drills[/tag]. I’ve included them for you below.Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

From Alford”¦
Rapid Fire Bunting.
This [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] was made up by 2 of my players.
This drill will help you work on that [tag]bunt[/tag] and run, Suicide squeeze and hand and eye coordination.
Group of 3-5; 1 bat each the player with their mitt and a ball each except for the [tag]batter[/tag].
Batter in bunt position facing the player with the balls.
Players toss the ball one after another.
The batter will bunt each ball where it is pitched.
Pitch the ball in order or random order.

From Robert”¦

I have my kids hit off a tee or the hit-away I purchased while standing on a 4 X 4 that has a 2 X 4 screwed onto each end for [tag]stability[/tag].
This allows them to work on [tag]balance[/tag] while also working on good mechanics.