This idea for [tag]youth baseball practice drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Don, one of my subscribers. I’ve included it here for you below.Youth Baseball Practice Drills

From Don”¦
Relay Drill:
Kids love games/ competition.   In the middle of [tag]baseball practice[/tag] we will often divide up into teams of 3.

I hand pick the teams so the talent is evened out.   If an odd number then the coaches are included with the youngest or leas talented kids. Player one stands on the foul line just in the grass behind first base (or third- depending on sun) in the outfield.   Player 2 stands 60 feet away (just even with 2nd base). Player 3 stands 60-75 away.   All 3 are in a line perpendicular to the foul line.   The lines are about 20 feet apart.

Each round starts with the [tag]baseball[/tag] on the ground in front of player 1.   On the whistle, Player 1 picks up the ball and fires it to Player 2 who in turn fires it to Player 3.   Player 3 fires back to Player 2 who fires it to Player 1. Player 1 pretends to make a sweep tag on an imaginary runner.   (If a ball is dropped the then the ball has to be returned to the Player that threw the ball before it can be advanced.   This prevents Player 1 from throwing past Player 2 to Player 3).   This ends the first round.

First team to 3 wins the match.   The other two losing teams have to run the bases. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] has greatly helped our accuracy and speed in getting the ball relayed back into the field.