Rick came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]youth baseball practice drills[/tag].   Keep “˜em coming!
Youth Baseball Practice Drills
From Rick”¦
Teamwork and Conditioning:
Begin with at least two players with gloves at each base. Ball starts at home. Player throws from home to 2B, and immediately bursts toward 1B. Receiver at 2B catches ball and throws to 1B, trying to beat the runner.
The 2B receiver, after the throw, immediately bursts toward 3B. The 1B receiver throws across to 3B, trying to beat the [tag]runner[/tag]; then immediately bursts toward 2B. The 3B receiver throws to 2B, trying to beat the runner; then immediately bursts toward home, and it starts again. When the runner reaches the base, he goes to the end of the line and awaits his turn.   Each [tag]thrower[/tag] runs to the next base; each receiver throws to the base ahead of the runner.

The faster the runners, the more pressure on the catch-throw execution.
Suggestion: Walk through this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] slowly at first, then gradually accelerate the pace.

This is a great [tag]conditioning[/tag] and communication drill. Everyone (together) must call out the base to which the ball must be thrown.   Another tip to keep the drill moving is to have [tag]coaches[/tag] positioned at each base with extra balls for overthrows. Stay alert and attentive.