These ideas on [tag]youth baseball situation drills[/tag] come courtesy of two of my subscribers. Try out their ideas below and let me know how it goes for you.Youth Baseball Situation Drills

From Tom”¦
A [tag]baseball drill[/tag] I found the kids love is a form of “Pepper“.

I use it before and between [tag]baseball[/tag] games to kill time and warm them up.

Basically I take the team, line them spread out across in front of me, and hit them a ball.   If one of them makes a play on it, they have to complete the effort, then pitch it back to me so I can hit to them again.

If they make a move and don’t complete, or they bobble or miss it, they are out.   I was amazed how much they work to do well and be the champ.

From Shane”¦
This is a [tag]baseball catcher drill[/tag]–

I have my catcher crouch in position without a glove and I will toss a tennis ball at them to catch. It sounds easy but it take can take a few times to get the hang of it. The baseball catcher can’t just hold his hand there because the ball will bounce off. The catcher has to give a little to catch it.