Ralph and Terrill, two of my subscribers, came up with some great [tag]youth baseball tips[/tag].   I’ve included them for you below.   Keep “˜em coming!Youth Baseball Tips

From Ralph…
[tag]Baseball Hitting Drill[/tag]: ADVANCE THE RUNNER

Move runner from 2nd base to 3rd base to home plate by hitting behind them on the right side.

1. Hitter steps into the batters box and stands a little further away from the plate than normal.

2. After the pitch is thrown the hitter will wait and hit the [tag]baseball[/tag] in the back of the strike zone so that they can drive the ball to the right side.

3. The base runner will determine whether to continue to third or not.

4. If the ball is hit behind them to the right side they can run, if not they need to hurry back towards 2nd base.

From Terrill…
When I want to go over [tag]baseball defense[/tag], I shrink the diamond so everyone is real close. This way we can go over everything with the boys still standing in their positions and walk through everything. This also helps save your voice, by allowing to to talk normal instead of yelling direction and [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] to all the boys spread out far away on the normal size field.