Dan and Phil, two of my readers,came up with some great suggestions for [tag]youth baseball training equipment[/tag].   These are easy to find, cost conscious and effective for your next [tag]baseball practice[/tag].     Keep “˜em coming!Youth Baseball Training Equipment

From Dan
Learning to drive through the [tag]baseball[/tag] and hit with power:

Buy a plunger(wood handle and black old style plunger).   Put the wooden handle down inside the tee.   Buy a basketball and only inflate to the point that it is maybe 1/2 full of air.   Then put the ball on the plunger and start having the kids drive through the ball.   Hit the Basketball with power.   To do this, they have to swing all the way through it.   This has made a big impact on teaching our 10 year olds how to drive through the ball!   I use if for my [tag]baseball teams[/tag] and softball teams.

From Phil”¦
I use a Lacrosse stick to help teach the kids how to [tag]bunt[/tag]. Instead of stabbing at the ball this teaches them to follow the ball and “catch” it instead pushing at it. It’s worked wonders for my lead off hitters.

Have the [tag]batter[/tag] in his regular batting stance. When the ball is pitched the batter squares up and “catches” the ball with the lacrosse stick. This helps them control the bat and not “stab” at the baseball. Have the batter flip the ball in a bucket   and repeat.   For more control for beginners use tennis balls and pitch closer to them.