Steve came up with this great suggestion for a youth baseball warm up drill.   Keep “˜em coming!Youth Baseball Warm Up Drill

From Steve”¦

Drill: Around the horn

Place a player at third, second, first and home. Everyone else lines up at home plate.

This [tag]youth baseball warm up drill[/tag] starts with a player at home throwing to third then sprinting to third. The player on third throws to second and sprints to second, the player on second throws to first and that player throws home. With younger kids this is hard, but they get better and faster at this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] as they master it.

The key is to keep the players moving and raise the intensity of the drill once they get better at it. This is a good way to begin a practice in that it gets the players loose and focused.

It is good to position [tag]coaches[/tag] and volunteer parents near the bases with a bucket of balls in case of overthrows, to keep the drill going.

This is good for confidence in younger kids and shows them that they can make the [tag]throws[/tag] under some pressure.