John sent me this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] idea that he uses for [tag]youth league baseball drills[/tag].   Try it out with your team–the results are immediate!Youth League Baseball Drills

From John…
Practice with No [tag]Foul[/tag] Balls

Things this baseball [tag]drill[/tag] will accomplish:

1.   This will make your team practice hard.
2.   This will make your team play a little beyond the lines.
3.   This will keep them from trying to [tag]umpire[/tag] instead of playing.
4.   They should start to dive for more balls down the line.
5.   This will make them line up for relays on the lines quickly.


1.   For the typical player the [tag]foul line[/tag] is this imaginary box that they must stay within …but what happens when the ball is truely “just barely outside the line (foul)” but a bad call makes it “fair”.
2.   Most players are simply looking around on balls close to the line and trying to be an umpire.
3.   We all know that the only opinion that matters in this case is the one of the umpire!