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Below, you’ll find four great videos covering different aspects of coaching youth baseball. All of these clips are samples from the “Youth Baseball Mastery” online video clinic. Inside that resource, you’ll find a complete “color by numbers” system for successfully coaching youth baseball.

It includes 42 wickedly effective drills for hitting, baserunning, fielding and pitching… all designed specifically for kids 8-15. Anyways, have a look at the videos below. If you like what you see, you can get the complete package (over 3 hours of drills and coaching tips) by going here: Youth Baseball Mastery.

To watch the videos, just click on the play button for each segment below. The video will open up and start playing…

Video #1: Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

Rapid Fire Drill, Color Ball Drill, and One-Hand Hitting


Video #2: Youth Baseball Fielding Drill

Drop Step Fundamentals


Video #3: Youth Baseball Pitching Drill

One Knee Drill


Video #4: Youth Baseball Throwing Drill

Quick Hands Drill

Did you like what you saw? Make sure to click here and check out the complete package at Youth Baseball Mastery.

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