The “3 Sounds” Bat Speed Drill

The “3 Sounds” Bat Speed Drill is one of the most invaluable bat speed drills you can have in your practice plan. It works on coordinating body mechanics with the swing, which will increase your bat speed like crazy!

Imagine that you are listening to 3 sounds. 2 of those sounds are going to be imaginary – one of those sounds is going to be real. The one the is going to be real is the sound of the bat making contact with the ball.

The other sound – you are going to imagine the inside of your knee hitting a punching bag as hard as you can, and your chin hitting your shoulder.

Take a stance with a good stride, and as you swing at a toss, try to hear those 3 sounds. Focus on coordinating the back side and, with the front leg strong and firm, work that front leg like a swivel.

These 3 sounds have to happen at the same time. You will see that as soon as you coordinate your swing to work with those 3 sounds in perfect sync, your bat speed is going to increase.


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