One of the drills I start off my practice with is a simple out field drill that gets the blood pumping and also works on tracking balls.

Ball Tracking & Conditioning Baseball Drill
I line up some outfielders along the foul line about ten feet behind third base (they all have a ball).   I or one of my coaches stands in the middle of the field (approximately ten or so feet behind 2nd).

The first guy in line starts jogging toward the coach, as he reaches him he flips him the ball and starts to sprint toward the first base foul line (this drill is in the outfield but follows the path of the infield).

Once he starts to sprint the coach throws him a fly ball, in which he must track down and catch.

As he flips the ball to the coach the next guy starts to jog out, so there is no real down time.

Once this drill has been ran a few reps, we then start making the catches more difficult by throwing balls over their back shoulder while they run.

It’s a great way to teach outfielders to track balls and a conditioning drill all in one.