Here are two baseball batting drills to reinforce the fundamental skills your players need.   The first one called Broom Stick Batting Drill works on accuracy and the Soccer Ball Baseball Drill works on players with a weak swing. Both are easy, fun and effective!

Broom Stick Batting Drill
Broom stick cut to just longer than normal bat length
Golf balls (5)
Practice plastic golf balls (5)
Tennis balls (5)

Action as per a normal toss ball drill, alternating between different ball types.

I recommend getting the players to perform this drill & then move straight into normal toss ball.

This drill causes the player to really focus on hitting the middle of the ball. It’s amazing how easy they find normal toss ball afterwards.

Soccer Ball Baseball Drill
One of my favorite drills for a batter with a weak swing.
Use a flat soccer ball and balance it on a tee and have the batter hit it.
If they don’t give it a real good swing and follow through, it will really give you a rattle.

1 good swing will send the ball as a climbing line drive.