In today’s baseball coaching video, we are demonstrating a great hitting drill called “The One Hand Hitting Drill”. In this drill, we are trying to build up strength in their front forearm, which will result in greater bat speed and they can have a quick bat through the strike zone.

Equipment needed:

Bat, Ball, Tee and Hitting Net



Breaking Down The One Hand Hitting Drill

Part 1:

  • We begin with one player down on their knees, with the bat in their front arm, and the back hand behind their back.
  • The front arm serves to “guide” the bat through the strike zone.
  • The back hand/arm is where the power is generated.
  • Emphasize that the hips are still turning, so they can generate power as well.
  • Now, have the player switch the bat to their back hand to develop strength in the power arm.
  • The front hand should be placed behind the back.
  • The back arm should be noticeably stronger and the bat swing should be much faster.
  • Next, place both hands on the bat. Remember, the top hand is the guide hand, and the back hand is generating the power, and you are looking for a short, quick, compact swing.


This drill can also be done is different variations:

  • Both knees down (kneeling)
  • One knee kneeling
  • Standing
  • Soft Toss (standing)

* It is important to note that the swing motion does not change when hitting with one hand. The back arm is always coming through the strike zone.


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