I have had problems with just general catch practice for the kids. In order to help   I picked up a couple of orange colored ropes at the hardware store.   Because our bases are 60 feet apart and pitchers mound is 45 feet from home plate, I space the two ropes 40 feet apart.

Baseball Catching Drill
This is the max distance throw I now want the kids working on during their catch practice.   At times we go for 30 feet.   The ropes help keep the kids from drifting too far apart which was happening all the time.

Given I am working with tee ball players I really do not expect even one of the better players to throw from short or third to first and get the runner.

Using this has helped organize and gives us something to work on that is very close to the throwing distance they will have in the game.

We work on seeing what our high water mark for throws without it touching the ground will be.

Coaching Tip
We have started using stations during our fielding drills. We run through the 1st time having each boy “teach” us the fundamentals while walking through, then at 1/2 speed, then full speed several times. We then move them to another station to do the same.

This keeps their attention & soldifies their fundamentals and they are becoming a TEAM.