This game is great for baseball defense and great for conditioning.   We call it 21.   21 = the number of outs necessary to win a 7 inning game so you can adjust the number based on how many innings you play in a complete game.

21 Drill

  • Set up the defense excluding the pitcher.
  • Set up a tee on home plate.
  • Let the other players on offense hit the ball off the tee and run the bases as usual.
  • The object is to get 21 outs before you make an error.
  • Hits do not count as errors and there are no lead offs.
  • Double plays count as two outs.
  • If you make an error the count goes back to zero.
  • Once the ball is retrieved by the defense and they stop the runner the ball must be thrown to the catcher without him making an error or an errant throw.
  • Before he places it on the tee everyone on defense must count out what number they have achieved.
  • There is no bunting, or stealing.

One other rule is you can not hit the ball to the same defender two times in a row or its considered and automatic out.

NOTES:   You can play any variation of outs you want and change defensive alignments, and make a game out of it with the losing team getting some extra conditioning at the end.

Set goals as to which defense gets the most consecutive outs without an error. If you get to 21 you automatically win the game.   We have had great success with this game and the guys love it.