Don’t underestimate the value of a fielding drill for your pitchers!   Drills such as today’s Two Handed Fielding drill will improve your pitchers response time, and can result in more double plays.   In this drill, you’re going to practice simulating a throw off the mound, having the body in the proper position to come off and be able to feel the ground ball with two hands, and then properly set your feet. The emphasis is on catching the ball, and getting the footwork set up so we can get the out.

Two Handed Fielding Drill

Below are the important points to remember when running this drill:

  • Charge the ball if hit softly
  • Keep feet spread so you can quickly move in either direction
  • Practice moving in all directions
  • Catch and control the ball BEFORE trying to make the throw
  • Pulling the head up will pull the glove up and cause you to miss the ball
  • Eliminate both the pitch and the throw to first base to focus on fielding technique
  • Get the head up and find the target after fielding the ball


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