This is one of my best baseball defense drills. I use it often and the results speak for themselves.

Bucket Drill
I line up my players on third base and I am between 3rd and home.
I put one of the players on first then I roll the ball to the player on third who then charges the ball and throws to first base where he has a bucket and put the ball in the bucket.

Next go side to side and then throw at their feet.
Then I throw droopers to both sides.
Then they move to shortstop and repeat the drill.

That’s one day and the next day I put a player on second with bucket and repeat the drill. I start off slow and by the end of the year it gets harder.

The bucket is to bring the balls back to me. Using this drill one year we scored over 250 runs and gave up 25 in 20 games.

Easy Coaching Tips
I know some coaches use the flat glove, but with my minor league players I have them bring one of their mother’s oven mitts for grounders.

For hitting drills I split them into two teams. I set up 2 cones in left field, center field and right field. I have them practice hitting to all fields. Winning team gets a treat.