In this defense drill, offense learns to bunt a runner over, while the defense learns to work together to execute good bunt defense.

Set Up

  • Infielders set up at their positions.
  • Runner at first base.
  • Batter steps into the batter’s box.
Offense tries to advance the runner to second with a bunt. Defense tries to get the lead runner and the double play if possible.


  1. This drill is offense versus defense – first one to 10 points wins.
  2. Offense scores a half point if batter bunts runner to second.
  3. If runner is safe at second and batter is safe at first the offense earns a full point.
  4. Also if pitcher throws a “ball” that is not buntable it is a point for the offense.
  5. The defense scores a point if the pitcher throws a strike that is either not bunted or bunted foul.
  6. They also earn a point if they get the runner out at second. If they turn a double play they get two points.

Coaching Tips

Stress all of the following in this drill:

  • Pitchers need to throw strikes
  • Batters need to be able to recognize what pitches to bunt and what pitches to lay off of
  • Runners have to make good decisions so they don’t get picked off or doubled up
  • Fielders need to be able to make the correct play under pressure
  • Up the competitiveness and pressure even more by requiring the losing team to run.