Baseball Fielding & Communication Between the 1st Baseman & Pitcher

In today’s video blog post, we are exploring the importance of good communication between the first baseman and the pitcher.     We also demonstrate a fantastic communication drill for baseball fielding that you can incorporate into your next practice.   The points we address in this video will assist your players with assignment fielding, coverage of bases and developing better communication skills.

Baseball Fielding Important Points:

The first baseman is considered the captain when it comes to calling the ball and calling the bag. The first baseman is responsible for clearly communicating whether he is going for the ball or staying at the bag and needs the pitcher to field and throw to him.

Clearly calling the ball and bag will also help all of the players on the field to develop an internal clock that will help them read ball time and reactions and successfully make the plays.

And we have discussed this last point many times in previous articles, but it is very important to repeat that the 1st baseman must stay inside the baseline and tag the bag with his right foot, to avoid being in line with the runner.


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