To get more momentum and velocity on the ball

Drill Setup

  • Players line up next to each other anywhere on the field
  • Each player sh9uld have a ball and a glove

How it Works

1. Player tosses ball up the in the air.

2. He then catches it with two hands out in front of his face.

3. He begins crow hop movement by bringing the back foot forward while separating the hands.

4. He points glove at the target for an accurate throw. Body should be sideways to the target at this point.

5. He pushes off back foot to add power to throwing motion.

6. He pretends to throw the ball to a base but doesn’t actually release the ball from his hand.

7. He then repeats the drill.

Coaching Tips

  • Make easy, low tosses
  • Throw the ball high in the air or have a coach or other player toss the ball.
  • It’s important to get momentum during the crow hop movement. Player should be pushing off the legs and getting up in the air so that his throw has more power.