One of the best current practice drills I use is one I call “Get Dirty”. Not only is this a great drill, but it also is an excellent bonding opportunity for the players, making great stops, diving, throwing, plus a great workout.

“Get Dirty”
Areas of Focus:
Speed (lateral/explosive)
Vision and Throwing

All players begin on third base, coach or player at 1st base.
Ball is hit in the gap of third base and short stop, player fields ball and throws to first.
Player continues to run toward second base and ball is hit up the middle.
Player runs to first base and the ball is hit in the gap between first and second.
After completion, players rotate from first to third (in the opposite direction).
Two rounds is ideal as an infield drill

Key Area of Focus:
The balls hit are not to be an easy catch – they are choppers and moving rapidly.
Players have to dive, or lunge for the ball.

These are opportunities for the players to stretch themselves and build confidence on getting the balls that are not hit directly at them.   Once the ball is caught, player must balance and then throw.   Ball is hit as soon as player throws ball.