baseball hitting drills

In today’s blog post, I am highlighting 2 fun and easy baseball hitting drills that you can use at your next practice.   These baseball hitting drills will help improve your players bat speed, leading to more powerful hits!   Check them out and then be sure to let me know what you think!

Stopwatch Drill

stopwatch baseball hitting drillsDifficulty Level: Easy

Setup: You’ll need a stopwatch, a bat, and a partner.

Execution: With your partner holding the stopwatch, get into stance, and swing the bat as fast as you can. As soon as you begin your first swing, your partner will start the stopwatch, and will wait until you’ve rewound and swung five times to stop it again. Record the time, and then on your next set, try to be faster than the last time.

Coaching Tips: Since we’re just focusing on bat speed here, you don’t need to explode off your backfoot on each swing, just swing forward, rewind your swing back to its original position, and swing forward again.


Light Bat Drill

baseball hitting drillsDifficulty Level: Easy

Setup: You’ll need a bat that’s lighter than what you would use normally, as well as your regular bat.

Execution: Using your whole body, execute 10 swings with the light bat, focusing on accelerating through the ball and keeping your bat speed as high as possible. Once you’ve completed that set, switch back to your normal bat and complete five more swings, focusing on transferring the feeling of swinging the light bat into your swing with the normal bat.

Coaching Tips: Remember, if you find yourself wheezing a bit after the first set, don’t rush into the next one, take a couple seconds and catch your breath so that you can focus on swinging as fast as possible with the normal bat as well.


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