I like to vary my practices with drills that I call baseball practice games. I use them for hitting and for fielding.  The hitting drill I call Rag Ball/Junk Ball Hitting. My favorite drill for fielding is an around the horn drill.

Rag Ball/Junk Ball Hitting
I set up two or three stations for hitting each practice.  Instead of hitting a typical batting practice I have the kids hit old socks wrapped in wide masking tape off cones into a fence.  Another station hits the same “rag balls” in a soft toss drill.

We also use an open area of the field to hit used tennis balls and squeeze balls from live pitching.  The players not hitting gather up the balls and get them back to the proper station.  My goal is to have all players take at least a hundred swings per practice.

Round the Horn Drill
My favorite drill for fielding is an around the horn drill. The catcher throws the ball to first, first to second with short taking the throw.  Short takes the ball to third and third home.  The drill reverses at home and goes to third, then to second with the second baseman taking the throw to first and back home.

I start this drill by simply counting the number of throws we can do without a drop. Later in the year we time the throws around the horn and back to the catcher.

The kids get so competitive and excited about beating their last record that I can’t get them to stop.

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    • Dave Holt

      I like the tennis ball batting practice. I like to get 3 hitters going at once usually in a open area like the outfield. Each group has a pitcher on one knee tossing the ball. the rest shag. After 10-15 swings gather the balls in a small bucket or milkcrate and have the pitcher hit, outfielder pitch and hitter to the outfield. You get tons of swings and nobody gets hurt. (and tennis ball flying everywhere.)

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