This is one of those fun practice drills that reinforces all the baseball skills and drills you want your team to do.   This is a fast-paced drill that your players will ask for often.

Fun Practice Drill:
Set Up:
Have a third baseman and shortstop in position and a runner with a helmet on at second base.
The rest of the team is in two lines on the other side of second base, one with their gloves waiting to go in for the shortstop, the other with their helmets on waiting to be the runner at second.

The rotation is this:
Third baseman to back of line with helmet on to be the runner,
Shortstop to third baseman,
Runner to back of line with glove waiting to go to shortstop.

Coach hits a ground ball to shortstop.The runner leaves the bag at second when coach throws ball into the air and tries to get to third safely by sliding into it.
The shortstop fields the ball and tries to get the runner out at third base who has to tag the runner.
Each group goes twice; the runner hustles back to second and goes again, then they rotate.