We use one drill to work on 3 skills: baserunning, sliding and throwing. Best part of all–the team loves it.   🙂

Three in One Drill

  1. Wet a spot in outfield so it is easy for sliding.
  2. Put down a temporary base.
  3. Every player Keeps their glove on.
  4. 1 player is at base and rest of team is in line to slide.
  5. Coach throws to base as runner approaches to slide.
  6. Base player tries to catch and tag the runner.
  7. The runner gets up and runs for an over the shoulder catch that another coach throws.
  8. Then they get back in line.
  9. Swap tagging player every couple of minutes.

We usually only run about 30 feet to base and we can go through the whole team many times in a matter of minutes.

Sliding Practice
If you do have younger players who are afraid of sliding try this first.   We do sliding drills using a large tarp and keep it wet so it acts like a slip and slide. The younger kids aren’t as afraid of the getting hurt and the older kids love to demonstrate.