A comprehensive baserunning drill that’s also great for conditioning.

Drill Setup

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or set up bases in the outfield at the appropriate distance.
  • Players line up at home plate.
  • One coach or parent helper stands at each base to provide assistance.

How it Work

Coaches will send players through a baserunning circuit one at a time, allowing a 4-5 seconds of space between each player.

1st CIRCUIT: On the coach’s signal, the runner sprints to first, touching the bag and running through it. He then takes a crossover step and runs first to third, then jogs to home plate to join the back of the line.

2nd CIRCUIT: On the coach’s signal, the runner sprints to second for a double. He will pause briefly at the bag, then sprint from second to home.

3rd CIRCUIT: The runner will sprint around all four bases for a home run.

Coaching Tips

  • When making the turn and proceeding to the next base, runners should veer outside the basepath slightly, then come back across the inside of the bag to maximize speed.
  • Make it harder: Baserunner must bent-leg slide to complete each circuit.
  • Make it easier: Add cones or coaches at each base to show baserunners the proper path to take around the bases.