My end of practice relay drill is one of our favorite baseball training drills.   We play this randomly at the end of our practice. It helps the players learn the bases AND the proper way to run the bases. It’s also a fun way to end practice. The kids love this game!

End of Practice Relay
Here is how you play:
1. Pick your teams. Try to make it as even as possible.

2. Have 1 team line up at 2nd base, and the other team will be at home plate. Each team will have 1 ball.

3. At “go” team 1 at 2nd base will go from 2nd all the way around the bases back to where they started. Team 2 will start from home plate and run the bases in order.

4. When the runner gets back to their base they have to make a clean hand off and give the ball to the next runner in line.

You have coaches at each base to ensure that the players touch the bases. If they do not touch the base then they have to come back to touch it.

First team that has all players run wins.