In this baseball fielding footwork drill, players are going to try to catch and throw the ball, taking only 3 steps during the process. The coach will hit or throw a ball nice and easy up into the air, and the fielder is going to come in to catch the ball, landing on the foot as the ball hits the glove. The fielder will then take his next step as he prepares to throw, with the third step being taken as he releases the ball. A right handed player will step left-right-left, and a left handed player will step right-left-right.

The secret to success in this movement is to adjust in the outfield as the ball approaches, keeping the feet moving the entire time, so that as soon as that ball touches the glove, you are stepping with that first foot, and then step 2 and throw with step 3.

Note: Some players have a tendency to take their 2nd step behind, instead of in front. Stepping in front will allow the throw to be more open and free.

Baseball Fielding Footwork Video Tutorial

The key in this baseball fielding drill is to get your players comfortable with this movement so they don’t even have to think about it, which is why you should incorporate this baseball fielding drill into your practice plan every time!


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