Here’s a fun drill that will inject more power into your hitter’s swing.

You can use it during team practice, or at home with your kids in the garage or back yard.

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Teaches hitters to use their lower body and hips to drive their body weight forward and generate more power at the point of contact.


  • The hitter stands in the batters box with a heavy bag set up in front of home plate.
  • Instead of a “real” heavy bag you can use a duffel bag filled with sand, sawdust or old rags and bound with duct tape. Or, roll up an old gym mat and bind it with duct tape.
  • The coach will stand off to the side for each swing.

How It Works

  1. Batter sets up in a proper batting stance, loads, and swings into the Heavy Bag with the coach holding it in place.
  2. Batter holds the swing at impact position so Coach can inspect the rotation of the back foot and emphasize the power generation from calves and hamstrings.
  3. After a few practice swings, the Coach moves away from the bag and the Batter will now perform full swings, attempting to knock the bag over each time.

Coach’s Emphasis

– Rotate the back foot
– Generate power from the calves and hamstrings
– Finish the swing strong, through the bag
– Stay balanced and follow through

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