In today’s video blog post, we have an excellent breakdown of baseball hitting tips to prepare for a successful game at bat. These valuable practices will help your athletes conquer those mental obstacles that are keeping them from achieving their maximum potential!

Baseball Hitting Tips: 8 Steps to Preparing for Your Game At-Bat!

1. Positive Visualization

The day before the game, go over in your mind the differnet types of pitches your opponent is likely to throw. Then, consider your sucesses and failures against those pitches and then create a mental movie of how you want the game to occur the next day. Seeing your swing and hitting the ball safely into the field is key.

2. Observing the picher in the bullpen

Observe the pitcher as he warms up, focusing on his release point and the types of pitches he throws. Note the differences in his wind up and delivery of each pitch. Then, grab a bat and practice your swing, focusing on matching your swing timing with pitchers wind up.

3. Study the pitcher carefully

During the game and before at bats, watch the pitchers mannerisms. Does he hold his glove differently for a braking ball, or does he change the position of his wrist or expose his intent by poor glove postition? Any information you can gather about what pitch is coming is very valuable. Pay attention to pitching patterns, throwing with specific situations and ball/strike count.

4. In the Hole

The hitter should always begin getting ready early, so that he isn’t rushed. Stretch, use relaxation techniques and controlled breathing and positive visualization as you recall any information about the pitcher that may be helpful.

5. On Deck

Finalize your hitting plan, visualizing a successful at-bat. Replay your mental movie! As you get the timing of the pitcher, check you emotional level and stay in control.

6. Before the box

Get the sign from the coach and visualize.

7. In the Box

With deep controlled breaths, relax and move to the muscle stage of your hitting routine. The pitcher winds up, and as he reaches his release point, suck in a little air to center yourself.

8, After the Pitch

Step out of the box, check in, get rid of negatives and visualize any adjustments as you prepare for the next pitch.


After the At Bat

Mentally recall the entire hitting process, along with the results, concentrating on the positive aspects, as you prepare for your next at-bat.

After the Game

Writes down any game notes, reviewing the positives and negatives, with any adjustments necessary, and then let it go. Every hitter must have a safe haven where no judgements will be made about his playing ability – this is a necessity in order to re-energize himself.


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