Practice rained out? This is the perfect chance to start working your team using indoor baseball drills. The fields are not always ready when the players are!

Here’s a fun game that really spurs on the competitive juices:

Bucket Game

  • Divide team into two groups, match player skills between teams.
  • Line up on two lines facing each other 30-40 feet apart.
  • Use buckets, cones or gloves to mark boundaries on ends of each line, plus back boundary 10 feet behind front line.
  • Have players spaced evenly so they have to move somewhat.
  • One team starts by throwing a hard grounder underhand towards other team.   The ball must bounce before it reaches the first line.
  • The team receiving the grounder must not let it reach the back boundary.   Player wanting to field the grounder should call it, other players should back up the player receiving.

Once the grounder is caught it is then thrown underhand to other team.   The player missing the ball is out and the game continues until only 1 player is left standing.

The first player eliminated has to do 10 reps of an exercise picked by the winning team.   Second out has to do 9 reps and so on.   Recommended exercise is push-ups or sit ups.

Once your team is ready to head back outside to the playing field, we’ve got you covered! Start by checking out our complete collection of fielding drills, packed with fun and effective practice ideas for ground balls, fly balls, throwing, and catching.