Practices outfield cutoff throws with multiple infielders and outfielders working at the same time


  • LF, CF and RF in regular positions
  • SS in short left cutoff position
  • 1B in short right cutoff position
  • 3B covering third base
  • 2B covering second base
  • Catcher covering home
  • 3 coaches with Fungo bats in positions shown in diagram




All 3 coaches simultaneously hit balls to outfielders.

Black Group (Coach 1, LF, SS, 3B)

  1. Coach 1 hits ground ball to LF
  2. LF fields it and throws to 3B with SS as cutoff
  3. Return ball to Coach 1. Reset and Repeat.

Red Group (Coach 2, CF, 2B)

  1. Coach 2 hits line drive to CF
  2. CF fields it and throws directly to 2B (no cutoff)
  3. Return ball to Coach 2. Reset and Repeat.

Blue Group (Coach 3, C, 1B, RF)

  1. Coach 3 hits ground ball to RF
  2. RF fields it and throws home with 1B as cutoff
  3. Return ball to Coach 3. Reset and Repeat.