In today’s video blog post, we spotlight a great baseball conditioning drill called “The Reaction Drill”.   Watch your player’s reaction times improve dramatically – no matter what position they play – when you include this drill in your practice plans!

The Reaction Conditioning Drill

How to run the Reaction Conditioning Drill:

  • The player lays on the ground, with their head towards the coach (or person throwing the ball)
  • When the coach yells “Go”, the player on the ground is going to scramble to his feet as fast as he can, as if he were coming out of a roll
  • The coach will then quickly toss the ball into the air on top of him.   The player will locate the ball as quickly as possible after standing, and then proceed with the catch
  • You can also toss the ball to the right or left of the player, to work on moving the athlete a bit.
  • If you toss the ball behind the player, he will be able to work on getting a good drop step, and avoiding the backpedal
  • The better the player, the older or more agile he is, the more you want to work him

 Complete 8-10 repetitions of this conditioning drill


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