I haven’t had a team that doesn’t love competing with each other in practice.   These mini competitions and relays are perfect for teaching and reinforcing fundamental baseball skills.

Baserunning Drill
Split team up into two even groups, half the team line up at home and the other half at second base. On the whistle a player from each line (home and second) starts running the bases, practicing cutting corners and pumping with arms. Next player can not go until first player makes it back to starting point and tags them.

Drill can run for a certain amount of time or have the kids compete against the opposite line by telling them that if they lap the other line they win.

Kids love the competition and are working on some basic fundamentals too!

Ground Ball Drill

  • I have a ground ball drill where I line up 6 players in a row.
  • I have another team of 6 players with another coach.
  • I use 2 baseballs.
  • I roll one ball to the first player and as he is throwing it back to me I release the 2nd ball to the next person.
  • As he is throwing it back to me I throw a grounder to the 3rd one in line.

We do this drill as fast as possible with good technique. It’s great for coordination.