Pitchers work on extension, right to left action and getting a good release point.

Drill Setup

  • Pitchers line up anywhere on the field.
  • They each have a ball and a glove.

trajectory baseball pitching drill

How it Works

  1. Pitcher gets into load position with throwing arm raised and front glove hand approximately shoulder height.
  2. Pitcher then goes downhill and simulates a throw to the target.
  3. He repeats this process until coach says “Stop.”
  4. Next, have pitcher break his hands before going into the load position and then simulating the throw.
  5. To work on balance even more, have the pitcher follow-through on the simulated throw and lift his back leg.  He should then hang in that position (with back leg up in the air) for a three-second count.
  6. You could also have the pitcher work on the heel over after the throw.  You could also have them take a stride step at the beginning of the drill.  then you could add a leg lift so that they leg lift, stride and heel over all together.

Coaching Tips

  • The goal of this drill is for the pitcher to get a feel for having the ball back in a good load position and then extending and coming forward.  Look for good balance on the feet and for proper weight shift backward and forward.
  • Pitcher must keep knee inside on the stride and follow-through.
  • Also, make sure pitcher is getting a good push off with back foot during the throwing motion.