Drill can be run anywhere on the field. You need a pitcher and either a catcher or net for him to throw to.

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher works on perfecting transfer step and pivot step.

How it Works

1.  Pitcher takes a transfer step straight back.

Transfer step back.


2. He then lifts his front foot, turns it parallel and puts it back down – “put it in the hole.”

Pivot step.


3. He then repeats the process.

4. The ball is not thrown in this drill. This drill is focused on footwork and the player developing the proper muscle memory for both the transfer and pivot steps.

5. Complete 10-15 repetitions.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure pitcher is maintaining control. A transfer step that is too big will throw the pitcher out of balance and have him leaning backward.
  • Pivot with the entire foot on the ground not just the heel or the toe.
  • Pitcher should be developing a rhythm that is comfortable for him.
  • Make sure pitcher is picking up the front foot so the pivot is not on the heel.