Teaches players how to dive and roll without getting injured.

Drill Setup

  • Player sets up in an athletic position, with 20-30 feet of open space in front of him.

How it Works

  1. Player executes two forward roles.
  2. Player executes two backward roles.
  3. Player executes two right shoulder roles (simulates how an outfielder would dive for the ball).
  4. Player executes two left shoulder rolls (simulates how an outfielder would dive for the ball).
  5. Player executes two dive rolls – player speeds up a little and stretches out the body so that he is diving and rolling.

Coaching Tips

  • Focus on technique, not speed.
  • Player should pause between each repetition and reset his feet.
  • Player should stay under control when rolling.
  • Player should keep hands underneath the body and keep legs tucked close to the body.
  • Keep the body tight, do not overextend the legs.