I found these youth baseball practice drills off the internet a couple years ago.   The drill called Around the Horn has become one of mine and the team’s favorite to do. If you’re coaching baseball, it is a great drill for younger teams still working on their fundamentals.

Around the Horn

This drill covers throwing, catching, running the bases, and also helps conditioning. The players have a blast because they are playing a game.

* The catcher lines up just in front of homeplate with the ball.
* You will have a runner standing on home.
* He will start to run all the way around the bases as soon as the catcher makes his first throw.
* The catcher throws him ball to second.
* Then second throws the ball to third.
* Third throws the ball to first.
* First throws the ball to short.
* And finally, short throws the ball back to the catcher.

The idea is if the runner reaches home before the final throw, the runner wins.