Something that has got all boys playing and practicing each position and understanding what each player does I simply call “around the horn”.   I picked it up from an older coach to give each player practice at all positions.

Around the Horn Drill
We practice this drill a few times and then as we go we sound a clock and keep track of the length of time it takes them to go around the horn.

Here is how it works:
At least 2 players per position (catcher, third, SS, 2nd and 1st).
A coach starts the round as pitcher.

Coach throws the ball home, who throws to third (who makes a tag as if someone stealing third), who then immediately throws a ground ball to 2nd, who either “flips” or throws via a 180 deg, to shortstop covering 2nd (like a double play) who throw to first who then throws home to the catcher (the 2nd person in line who starts the 2nd round of players doing the same thing.

When we get to home on the 2nd time around the catcher then throws back to the coach playing pitcher.

We then yell “rotate right” and do the same thing until all have rotated around the horn to the original position.   By that time everyone has played every base.

Works great for developing young players and getting an understanding of playing every position.